About Us

Let’s Talk Gym is a group of fitness consultants trained to help improve or change people’s physiques to better suit their needs as well as promote a better lifestyle. Xavier Mgidlana who is the founder, spent many years in the fitness industry and started by creating personalised programs for himself which led to a successful fitness career. Upon designing personalised programs for close friends, he then set out to educate people about health and fitness through a company now known as Let’s Talk Gym.

The Let’s Talk Gym team assists individuals through tailored made diets and exercise programs. The main objective of Let’s Talk Gym is to create awareness on issues regarding health and wellness to better improve people’s lifestyles and omit bad habits. The aim is to create a simplified method to gain access to information and assistance regarding an individuals’ health and fitness needs.

Let’s Talk Gym has no membership sign ups; we aim to build close relationships with clients. Through designing the 12 week tailor made programs, we encourage our clients to consult with us and continue seeking advice even beyond the 12 week program. Clients are welcome to continue doing weekly fitness assessments with us and we are more than happy to guide them through their fitness journey.