I never had an issue with weight but I always wanted to be leaner. Through the 12 week transformation program, I found that I was able to gain weight in all the right places and still look lean. I feel more energetic because I am eating healthier now and am so happy this program was introduced to me. – Thando








The program was testing and pushed myself to a new stance on how I felt about fitness, getting to the gym so much was big and consistancy is key, the program was very good at helping me find my limits and push them as well as helping to develop strength and to shred.  – Zach








Ever since I consulted with Xavier and got his recommendation on what supplement to use and the training program to get to my goal, with 12 weeks I have achieved great success as I have become more motivated and educated about training and dieting. – Khensani






Xavier is an excellent personal trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable with regards to nutrition, training and how to sculpt your body in any way you want. He uses methods that will transform your body in the quickest time period and has motivated me throughout the whole process, and pushes you beyond your limits. Not only does Xavier promote body strength, but mental strength as well. Xavier is not just a personal trainer, but a mate. He gets to know you on a more personal level other than just being a trainer. He equips you with fitness knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life. A true inspiration and leader. – York