Wellness Spa

LTG Wellness Spa is a full-service Sports Massage Spa focused on physical competency and luxury relaxation. We are to consistently provide high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent quality services, and an acceptable price/value relationship. We will also maintain a welcoming, warm environment and friendly attitude respecting our client’s diversity and requirements. The demand of accessible massage treatments in a gym lifestyle society, and the drive to make the business a great success procuring highly professional therapists to support the wellness spa, has made this business of great potential. We expect a growing reputation to lead to new clients and to cater to a diverse multitude.

Unlike other competitors, LTG Wellness Spa specifically specialises in Sports Massage Therapy which after research we have found is not available in other surrounding spas. Other services are an addition as convenience to our clients.

Sports Massage Therapy

  • 30min – R450
  • 45min – R480
  • 60min – R600
  • 90min – R750

First appointment needs to be 1hr for full assessment

Swedish Massage

  • 30min – R350
  • 45min – R400
  • 60min – R500
  • 90min -R700

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

  • 30min – R200
  • 60min – R400

Aroma Therapy

  • 60min – R450

Hot Stone Therapy

  • 60min – R580