XT Lean Mass Programs

XT Lean Mass programs are integrated training and diet solutions to help individuals that wish to improve their well-being. An individual will have to go through a series of assessments to such a point where we find the right method that is customised to work for their body type in order to achieve the desired goal.

All this will begin with a one on one consultation in order to complete the need analysis and get a tailored-made package. Our Dietitians and Nutritionist will also assist in breaking down the eating plan in order to find what works well for that specific individual at an additional fee.

XT Lean Mass programs also provide a lifestyle guide, that can help individuals with busy schedules and that travel often. We will guide them and educate them in being able to choose nutritional meals even when they on flights, restaurants, hotels, holiday resort and on vacation. This will help balance their lifestyle and keep them active at all times, all it requires is a bit of effort on the nutritional side. Diet contributes 70-80% of an individual’s progress and training is the remainder, this means that if you just put in 30 minutes of exercise 2-3 times a week and follow a correct diet, the client should reach your desired goal.

All our programs are designed for 12 weeks, and every week we have assessments and a consultation to follow up on the individual’s progress and to keep track. We will be using an inbody machine that will be able to store data and every time we do assessments we are able to identify where the individual needs to improve on and by also adjusting the diet and training program if the results aren’t as positive as we expected.

The duration of our consultations are charged per hour which will also include an assessment and body evaluation to help give advice.

We will also have supplement combos that will be suitable for the custom made programs, however this is optional. All the brands we store have been clinically tested and approved brands.

An Individual can choose from various packages depending on their need.

The following packages are available:

  •         Executive (Full time assistance)
  •         Deluxe (Part-time assistance)
  •         Entry Level (One-time assistance)

For more information about these packages go to Purchase.

Let’s Talk Gym XT Lean Mass Programs specialise in the following:

  •         Weight Loss
  •         Lean Mass Gain
  •         Sports Nutrition
  •         Bodybuilding Nutrition
  •         Standard Healthy Eating and Training Plans
  •         In-Body Assessments

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